How do I get onto the green route from the Revin welcome point?

Leaving the Revin welcome point, take the way out to the right (following the Trans’Ardennes green route signs). At the end of quai C. Desmoulins, continue straight ahead towards the power station. You’ll find two possibilities there: setting off to your left, you will follow the green route towards Givet – Setting off to your right, you will pass through the tunnel and set off towards Charleville-Mézières. Feel free to consult the Trans’Ardennes green route road book:

Are there public toilets in Givet ?

The public toilets are located in Rue de la fausse porte (down from Saint-Hilaire church) and are open every day in July and August from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

When can I go on a cruise?

Be it aboard the “Charlemagne” or the “Naïade”, several cruises are possible in Val d’Ardenne. From the walking cruise to the dining cruise, numerous opportunities are open to you. www.ardenne-en-

Where can one dine/have lunch?

Numerous restaurants await you in Val d’Ardenne. Ranging from gastronomic cuisine to traditional French cuisine or even regional cuisine to that of other countries.!/page/1!/page/1

I’m looking for accommodation for tonight

Several possibilities are open, depending on your expectations: Hotel rooms, guest houses... to see a full list of accommodation in Val d’Ardenne, we advise you to visit the OT site:!/page/1 “Sleeping” – “Hotels”!/page/1  “Chambre d’hôtes”

You can also find the list of currently available accommodation, updated every day 24/24 and 7/7, in the window of the Vireux tourist office and its welcome points in Givet and Revin.

How do I get to Charlemont fort?

We are sorry to inform you that the Charlemont fort is not open to the public and that therefore you cannot gain access to it.

Do you have a map of the city?

Maps of our region’s two biggest municipalities – Givet and Revin – are available at our information points in Givet (quai des Fours), Revin (quai Edgar Quinet) or Vireux-Wallerand (place du château), free of charge at visitors’ request.

Where can we go hiking?

In the Ardenne Valley region, hiking is a real pleasure and a total change of scene. Numerous hiking circuits, be they pedestrianised or for mountain-bike fans, can be enjoyed in the heart of pristine nature.

A topo guide compiling the various hikes in the Ardenne Valley region is on sale at the tourist office as well as in our online shop. carthotheque

Can I go hiking during the hunting season?

You will love hiking in the Ardenne Forest. However, during the hunting season you are strongly recommended to find out the dates and areas where the hunts are taking place before leaving on an excursion. To this end, the Ardenne Valley tourist office has a 2016/2017 hunting season calendar available. pour-randonner- pendant-la- periode-de-chasse

Where can we park our camper van in Givet ?

The parking area for camper vans is located in rue Berthelot, where you will find facilities for emptying waste water. However, the town of Givet tolerates camper-van parking for one night on square Albert 1 er (right bank). For the full list of camper van parking areas in our region, we advise you to visit the OT Val d’Ardenne website:

What are the market days?

Revin: Tuesday morning – rue Victor Hugo
Fumay: Wednesday morning – Place Hamaide/place Mitterrand
Vireux-Wallerand: Thursday morning – Place des Tries
Givet: Friday morning – Place de la tour- rue Saint-Hilaire- Place Carnot
Haybes: Sunday morning – Place de l’hôtel de ville
Aubrives: 2 nd Sunday of the month – Place de la mairie

Is tourist documentation free of charge?

The tourist documentation at the Val d’Ardenne tourist office (place du château à Vireux-Wallerand) as well as at our two other regional welcome points (Givet quai des fours and Revin quai Edgar Quinet) is handed out to our visitors free of charge.
We invite you to consult our trip advisers, who will be able to provide you with information or download our various tourist brochures:

Can I come and explore the region with a group?

We can offer you various solutions for setting off to explore the Meuse Valley. Cruises, exploratory tours, day trips, activities… our group service supports you in making your plans.
A guide from the Ardenne Valley tourist office will support you throughout your explorations.

Where can I connect to WIFI?

The Ardenne Valley tourist office offers 3 free WIFI access points at each of its welcome points:

  • Vireux-Wallerand, place du Château
  • Givet, quai des Fours
  • Revin, quai Edgar Quinet

What are Ardenne’s specialities?

Ardenne, the land of flavours where you will have the pleasure of discovering our numerous specialities. How can we neglect to mention the famous “Cacasse à cul nu” or “la salade au lard”, the famous white sausage of Haybes, Ardenne ham. Sugar tart and gateau mollet are also unmissable delights in our region. Other typical dishes or sweets, such as the blue stones from Givet, will thrill your taste buds.
We invite you to explore the “Ardennes de France” inside the Ardenne Valley tourist office in Vireux-Wallerand (Place du château) or in our online shop.