Since 2008, the Ardenne tourist office has held NF Services certification for all of its hosting, promotion and tourism partner support activities.

Our commitments and quality objectives

  • You will be welcomed by trained and multilingual staff, who are perfectly acquainted with the local and cross-border offering – useful for organising your stay.
  • You will find a personalised response that’s adapted to your expectations.
  • You will have a digital space at your disposal, with new technologies built in to facilitate your access to tourist information.
  • You will find our partners’ best offers, adapted to your expectations.

Our quality objectives:

Continuous staff training in order to meet our customers’ expectations and define coming trends and the innovations that need to be made.

Measurement indicators:

  • Training and training time
  • Annual table for monitoring new trends and analyses relating to the tourist office
  • Annual plan of action as new trends emerge, formalised in a planning document.

Monitoring and support of our partners in a move to improve their services (online vending, Web editorial, promotion, marketing, etc.)

Measurement indicators:

  • Number of service provider and support operations meetings
  • Number of members of the Central Booking Office
  • Trends in annual sales
  • Promotion operations monitoring and evaluation table
  • Marketing schedule drawn up for three years, with annual evaluation.

The setting up of a digital reception, based on customers’ expectations and enabling the three phases of tourist purchase (pre-stay, during and after) to be implemented.

Measurement indicators:

  • Digital elements set up
  • Number of connections and downloads on our platforms
  • Evaluation of customer feedback via our satisfaction questionnaires
  • Setting up a new Internet site: study and analysis of customer site visits and feedback via our online questionnaires and customer surveys.