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  • FUMAY'S HOSPITAL Short or average stays in this hospital consisting of single rooms or twin rooms : 15 beds for general medicine (short stay) 15 beds for medical care (average stay) Medical team consisting of 7 qualified nurses, 10 nursing auxiliaries and 2 agents for the hopital services. Medical secretary (rendezvous) 03 24 41 54 80 Consultations : CARDIOLOGY : wednesday morning CARDIAC SCAN, EFFORT TEST : wednesday morning DIETITIAN : wednesday (only for the patients and the staff of the hospital) GASTROENTEROLOGIST : tuesday morning RHEUMATOLOGY : No consultation RADIOLOGY : From monday to friday (8am to 6pm) SCAN : tuesday morning and thursday morninig CANCEROLOGY : No consultation ALCOHOLOGY : one day in the month (usually friday) PSYCHIATRY : Once every 15 days ((usually thursday)
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