For millennia, Ardenne has been covered with this deep, mysterious and moving forest. We take you on an exploration of this pristine natural space: an ideal place for refuelling.

Pick up your camera and succumb to the charms of rare, protected plant species or iconic animals: wild boar or stag. You’re not dreaming! Welcome to Ardenne.

Unforgettable hike territory

The Meuse valley enjoys an outstanding natural heritage. No fewer than 232km of hiking trails are offered to visitors, not forgetting its numerous watercourses that wind along the hiking paths. An idyllic place that’s ideal for refuelling and wellbeing. As a family, among friends or on your own, Ardenne forest offers a moment of peace and quiet in the heart of nature. La Maison des randonnées in Haybes will help you choose your hike by advising an itinerary for making the most of this natural abundance. Hiking associations and clubs with a guide will take you on a tour to discover hidden treasures. Every season, you will discover new colours, different moods. Several sites are protected, such as Mont-Bayard, a summit of legends and stories with its 40 years of archaeological digs which have revealed a fortified site, and the Mont d’Haurs site at Givet.

Protected nature reserves

Some natural species are sensitive and protected – you will be able to find rare, fragile and endangered species here. You’ll benefit from an exquisite variety of plant species that give us the feeling that this environment is protected. At Vireux-Molhain the site is known by the name of “Mur des Douaniers” and, with its abundance of found fossil forms, diversity of local species – but also some clever conservation – is a rich source of fossil finds. The Givet nature reserve has a chalky outcrop, shale, sandstone, a former quarry for extracting fluorine and numerous fossils, including trilobites. More than 70 species of bird have been counted to date, including the eagle-owl, the skylark, and many more.

Explore and take care of Ardenne

If you wish to enjoy all the benefits of the Ardenne massif without having to get lost on forest paths, you can opt for a Segway trip. Accompanied by a guide, you will set off to explore the paths and villages of the Meuse valley, not forgetting a stop to admire the territory’s most beautiful views. Segways are environmentally friendly. Electric and silent, they offer you the chance to take to the paths in the very heart of Ardenne forest for a trip that’s different – but a lot of fun.