Take a guided tour and explore the charms of Ardenne. Make thrilling discoveries around the bend of an alleyway, path or village…

Land of peace and quiet

Let Ardenne guide you on an exploration of its charms. In a legendary land of conviviality where traditions and emotions are combined, you set off to explore the towns and villages nestled on the edge of the Meuse and in the heart of the Ardenne forest. Your guide will tell you stories and legends from the charming villages in the Meuse valley. The Ardenne forest is home to numerous species: foxes, wild boar, deer. Every season has its charm, activities, discoveries.


Natural, authentic, unique…here are some words to describe your next stay. Hierges castle, Haybes la Martyre, Givet and Charlemont fort are so many jewels that bring the Meuse Valley’s heritage to life. History-laden places offer themselves to you. That’s when a sudden need to visit, set foot in this place comes over you. And yes, in the Meuse Valley every place has its identity, every location has its history and legends. Take a guided tour and travel through the eras in order to relive the Ardenne past.

Power and beauty of the landscapes

The Meuse Valley boasts an outstanding natural heritage that contributes to its identity and the quality of its way of life. With its 232 kilometres of signposted hiking trails, the Ardenne Valley is the ideal place for stocking up on energy. We invite you to discover the benefits of our pristine nature. Wonder at its marvellous landscapes and quite simply be in harmony with yourself. A land of unforgettable hikes offers itself to you. You will set off in search of former slate quarries one moment, and on an exploration of the flora and fauna of the Ardenne massif the next. The hiking trails hold many more surprises for you. Another world opens up to you there. Listen to the whispering of the wind in the trees, the gurgling of the water rippling through the watercourse close by. Living nature, changing with the seasons.

Experience a waking dream

How can you leave without discovering the viewpoints? Seen from above, Ardenne knows how to impress and charm you. Its numerous viewpoints across the Meuse Valley leave you with a feeling of wonder and enchantment. The Ardenne landscapes are breathtaking, around the bend in a path, metres away from a hiking trail… yes, this is where paradise is! Some viewpoints offer you the opportunity to sit down, contemplate this sublime panorama, discover the power of nature, before setting off to new horizons again.