Visites guidées estivales

Cultural ,  Historic at Vireux-Wallerand

Centre historique GivetDroits libres
Eglise Saint-Hilaire (Givet)Droits libres
Château de HiergesDroits libres
Château de HiergesDroits libres
Collégiale Saint-ErmelDroits libres
  • The castle of Hierges proudly dominates the charming little village of Hierges.

    With our guide Maéva, come and discover its architecture, history and gardens. Come and dive into the heart of the Renaissance Mosane.

    The collegiate church of Saint-Ermel in Vireux-Molhain. This building, founded in the 8th century by Lady Ada, will no longer hold any secrets for you. Our guide Maéva will reveal all the treasures of it to you.

    The historic centre of Givet. What about its remarkable architectural heritage.
    Our guide Maéva will take you to the heart of the narrow streets of the city centre and tell you the story of the towers, church and old fortified gates that make up the historical richness of this border town.

    Days and times of the guided tours :

    2:30 pm: Castle of Hierges
    4pm: Collegiate church Saint-Ermel

    2:30 pm: Castle of Hierges
    4pm: Historic centre of Givet

    14h30 and 15h30: Castle of Hierges
    5pm: Collegiate church Saint-Ermel

    14h30 and  15h30: Castle of Hierges
    5pm: Historic centre of Givet

    Ticket sales point:
    Val d'Ardenne Tourist Office - Place du château in Vireux-Molhain
    Givet reception point - 10 quai des Fours

    Welcome to all of you....
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  • From July 1, 2019 until September 29, 2019
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